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Children's Choice

About Children's Choice!

Before and After School Child Care
Children’s Choice is a local, non-profit provider of 5-Star CYFD licensed and nationally-accredited child care programs. 
The “core” child care program includes snacks, enrichment activities, homework help, field trips, and more!
CC also coordinates free enrichment classes in Science, Arts, Healthy Kids, Math, Literacy, Cognitive Skills and Life Skills - made possible by the Elementary and Middle School Initiative (EMSI) program, Title I, Kellogg, the Kiwanis Club, private donors, and the United Way of Central New Mexico.
                Before-School Program 7 am – 9 am
                After-School Program: school dismissal - 6 pm
                Also available on in-service days, some holidays, conference weeks, fall break, winter break, and summer break.
Children’s Choice provides a variety of programming options, payment options, and financial assistance.
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