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Special Education

Ms. Baker's Class

Ms. Baker's Classroom Website

Ms. Correa's Class

Ms. Correa's Learning Resources

Ms. Correa's Schedule

Ms. del Castillo's Class:

Google Classroom

i-Ready Login

Moby Max

Epic Books

I Know It

Ms. Montigny's Class:

Ms. Montigny's Google Classroom Link and Schedule

Ms. Somarribas' Class:

Ms. Somarribas' Google Classroom Link and Learning Resources

Ms. Young's Class:

Scholastic Books Online Portal

class code: bagroom3116

iReady Login

I have student log-ins and can message them to parents if they need them, just send an e-mail

Origo Education Math

Math resources using the curriculum used in class.

Prodigy Math Learning Game

Math Fun - parents can message me for log-ins

Epic Books
Our class code is: ssp1125

Mr. Brunet & Ms. Kay:

Mr. Brunet & Ms. Kay have set up Google Classrooms for students to work with them. To use these codes, just go to Google Classroom, click the +, and put in the code for your grade level, listed below:

5th Grade - 5lrqn26

4th Grade - uxf4dzi

3rd Grade - izfcbdf

2nd Grade - jzyqqej

1st Grade - 6sp6c2j

Kindergarten - iaim3z5