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Family Strand

What is Family Strand?

Simply defined---it’s the movement of a set class from the present grade level to next years grade level. This is a new concept or practice that would keep students together as a class while they move up each grade. This was developed secondary to our shift in becoming a community school and piggy-backs everything that defines a community school. Our objective is to plan activities that promote family involvement and accountability; regardless of diversity, ethnicity, social /economic class, education, or experiences.

Benefits of Family Strand:

  • Teachers gain extra teaching time “Getting to Know You” time becomes virtually unnecessary.
  • Teacher's knowledge about a student's behavior and intellectual strengths and weaknesses increases as the teacher gets to know the students.
  • Developing a school and family relationship forges a strong, mutual trust and purpose.

Social Advantages:

  • Students have less apprehension about the new school year and the new teacher.
  • Students may reap benefits from time spent on developing social skills and cooperative group strategies in subsequent years.
  • Students develop more confidence both socially and academically.
  • Family Strand encourages a greater sense of community and family among parents, students, and teachers.
Cohort One
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